Tevfik Kınık

Executive Vice President, Credit Analytics and Capital Markets, Aktif Bank

Born in 1977, Mr Tevfik Kinik holds a BSc degree from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and a master’s degree (MPA2) from Harvard University.

Mr Kinik started his career as a junior expert at the Capital Markets Board of Turkey in 1999 and served as the Head of the Institutional Investors Department and the Executive Vice Chairman of the Board consecutively in his 17 years long government career. Later, he worked at Aktif Bank as the Executive Vice President for the capital markets and the founding CEO of the Simah Rating (Tassnief), Saudi Arabia’s first local credit rating agency.

Joined Aktif Bank after completing the establishment, organization and rating methodologies of Tassnief, Mr Kinik currently works as the Executive Vice President for Credit Analytics and Capital Markets at the Bank.
Mr Tevfik Kinik’s areas of expertise include investment banking and capital markets, securitization, credit rating and scoring, data analytics, collective investment vehicles, corporate governance and Islamic finance among others.