M. Selim Yazıcı

CEO, Chairman, TEB Asset Management, TKYD (Turkish Institutional Investment Managers' Association)

Selim Yazici is the CEO and former CIO of TEB Asset Management, the JV of BNP Paribas Asset Management in Turkey. He joined the company in 2012. Previously, he managed the institutional equity brokerage business of the TEB/BNP Paribas Group in Istanbul. He has been in the Turkish financial industry since 1996, most of the time as a senior banking sector analyst. He worked in various locations including New York and London and in companies such as Lehman Brothers, Nomura International and Unicredit MIB.

Mr.Yazici holds an MSc. in Economics and Finance from University of Warwick and BSc. in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. In 2018, he was elected as the chairman of TKYD, Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association.