Cahit Güvensoy

Managing Partner, Logo Ventures

After graduated from Boğaziçi University as a Computer Engineer, I started to work at Arçelik in 1991. We established our first company in 1995 with 5 other partners so my entrepreneurial history began with Coretech. We started to work as consultants and custom software developers and kicked sites with,, etc. As of 2005, we decided to implement what we learned from our B2C experience to B2B apps and created a full web based solution for retailers named Diva. In addition to many startups of internet, I was also contributing to many other businesses other than software at the same time including e-commerce.My first exit was Coretech’a acquisition by Logo in November, 2011 and since then I have been a member of Logo family. On year later, in June 2012, was acquired by British sports media company called Perform. Meanhwile I started to invest in sharing economy startups both in TR and in UK, and then I started to manage e-invoice facilitator subsidiary of Logo Yazılım called e-Logo.In 2017 , I did handover my role in e-Logo and I have been acting as managing partner at Logo Ventures.