Azra Kohen

Researcher, Psychologist, Author

Azra Kohen is a psychologist, researcher and author who applies scientific data that focus on motivation and individual potential. She loves to analyze people multidimensionally.

Azra is married and has a son. According to her chaotic world we are living in right now can only be changed with the creation of a real, functioning society that can only be possible by raising free-willed, strong individuals. Societies that lack individualism tend to act like herds of cattle. Azra believes we are not born to be humans but evolve into genuine ones through a series of experiences, and even an individual can change the World by doing the right thing at the right time. 

Azra Kohen has best-selling books: The trilogy Phi 2013, Chi 2014, Pi 2015. Aeden 2017. See Me (Gör Beni) 2019. The trilogy sold over 1.8 million copies, and Aeden has sold over 380 thousand copies. See Me (Gör Beni) has sold over 240 thousand copies since 22 January 2019. The triology has become a TV series in Turkey with the highest budget, and has been watched 175 million over times since it was released. It earned rewards from various Turkish Media. There are offers from Netflix and other American companies for her last book Aeden, that are on hold in order to publish the book Aeden in English firstly.