Ali Erhan Tamer

Co-Founder & CEO OXY/AI INC.

Ali Erhan Tamer was born in Istanbul in 1979 and graduated from the Finance Department of Marmara University in 2001. During the 15 years he worked in various departments in the finance sector in innovation, technology and corporate entrepreneurship departments. The companies he worked in whole career are; Asist Line, Demir Hayat Sigorta, Martin&Martin, Tekfen Sigorta, Amerikan Life, New Life Yaşam Sigorta, Win Türkiye, Aktifbank. After the final path of his professional career with founding, he found USA-based artificial intelligence company Botio INC by the end of 2015. He is still serving as a CEO of that company.

Botudio as a new brand "OXY / AI", operates in artificial intelligence field which has AI marketplace products for developers, AI chatbots, Personal Virtual Assistants. Ali Erhan TAMER also provides consultancy services on artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital innovation to the institutions as the founder of Istanbul-based İyi Hareket Innovation and Technology Company. Finally, Mr. Tamer is also a keynote speaker on future customer experiences with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence issues.