Prof. Dr. Cem Say

Faculty Member of Computer Engineering Department Bogazici University

A graduate of TED Ankara College and Boğaziçi University. Dr. Cem Say teaches at Boğaziçi University's Department of Computer Engineering. Cem Say did pioneering work on the artificial intelligence technique of 'qualitative reasoning' and Turkish natural language understanding in the 1990's. After proving that a problem that he had been working on for 15 years was in fact impossible to solve, he focused on research in theoretical computer science, in particular, quantum computation, probabilistic computing and complexity theory. In short, he investigates what computers can do, and why they can not do the things that they can not do. Say is one of the founders of Boğaziçi University's Graduate Program in Cognitive Science, which aims to figure out how the human mind works, and was one of the computer experts who proved that key digital evidence in a series of important trials in Turkey were in fact forgeries.

Say, a reputable and inspiring speaker on science and technology issues, has given interviews on the future and the use of technology in many channels such as CNNTürk, Bloomberg HT, HaberTürk, and NTV. In addition to his scientific articles, he publishes in popular scientific magazines such as Herkese Bilim Teknoloji, where he explains current issues in technology such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, blockchains, and quantum cyrptography in simple words. An active social media user, Say is curious about science fiction, space travel, and more.