Prof. Dr. Murat Ferman

Işık University

Prof.Dr.Murat Ferman has received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from University of Istanbul and Virginia Tech. After working for a leading business group as marketing specialist,he was appointed as the Head of Trade Division of Istanbul Chamber of Industry.Later,he took an administrative position in media industry,as General Manager of a daily newspaper.

In 1990,he was appointed as the Head of Department of Marketing at University of Istanbul,where he has served as a faculty member until year 1999.With the establishment of FMV Isık University,he became the founding Dean of College of Economics and Administrative Sciences.Since then,he has served in the same institution as Director of Graduate School;Provost and Rector.Author of academic books and scholar articles, Dr.Ferman has served as a Staff Consultant of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce,as well.

He has been visiting/teaching faculty at numerous institutions;Radford,Sheffield,Virginia Tech.,ULB ,to name a few.He has been a well-known name and face in media as a commentator on related topics since many years.