Ali İhsan Güngör

Head of Investment Services Department, Capital Market Board of Turkey

Ali İhsan GÜNGÖR has graduated from Hacettepe University Economy Department in 1998. He holds a master degree in Econometrics from Gazi University and a master degree in Finance from George Washington University. He is continuing his doctorate studies in Econometrics.

He started to work for a private bank in 1998 and then in 1999 he began to work for the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. He worked in the Market Surveillance and Regulation Department as an expert and as the deputy head of department. After completing his graduate study in U.S. he joined to the Investment Services Department in 2011. Currently he works as head of Department. He is responsible for the regulation, supervision and enforcement of the investment firms. His work description also includes the financial market infrastructure institutions such as Borsa İstanbul, Takasbank and Central Securities Depository of Turkey.

He has various studies related with the working of financial market infrastructures and investment firms.