Volkan Akı

Journalist, Dünya Newspaper

Started publishing in 1988, Volkan AKI has more than 20 years experience in magazine publishing, newspaper management and radio - TV programming. In 1988, he started his career as a journalist in Karacan Publications and later worked in the Doğan Media Group for about 13 years.
He was the News Editor and Editor-in-Chief, consecutively, in the monthly business and economy magazine Capital. Later on, he proceeded as the Executive Editor of Capital for 4 years. He was also in charge of the column called “People”, in the same magazine.
From 2005 until March 2008, AKI, who was the Publication Coordinator and the editor of Economy pages of Akşam Daily, also wrote a column about business world and economy during the same period. Volkan AKI also made economic commentary on morning broadcasts for 3 years on SKY Turk TV channel, and undertook the production and presentation of the program called ‘Ecosantrik’ on TV8.
Volkan AKI who is an expert in economics journalism and media management, follows trends of the business world closely, and transforms them into writing and narration suitable for the current world.
In September 2011, AKI became one of the founders of VodacoSocial Real Time Marketing agency and took on the position of general manager of VodacoSocial. Thus, he became actively involved in the new medium of communication –the social media- and began to work on bringing a refreshing approach to the sector.
From 2012 to 2014, Volkan AKI stepped into the role of publishing director of Turkishtime Magazine. After withdrawing from his duties there, he started writing the ‘NeWorld’ column in Para Magazine. He continues to write about the new trends on technology, entrepreunership and marketing in his column.
Since 2014, Volkan AKI has also been preparing an interview section called ‘Business Talks with Volkan AKI’ for the daily newspaper Dünya. He conducts visionary conversations focusing on trends, with people from the business world. He also writes about lifestyle trends from gastronomy to traveling for the weekend subsidiary of Dünya. Volkan AKI is one of the most remarkable journalists in Turkey, that pursues news on technology, future trends and sectoral developments.
Volkan AKI was the Editorial Coordinator-in-Chief of Dünya, between the years 2014-2017. AKI is still continuing to write for these two publications –daily newspaper Dünya and Money Magazine- and aiming to present a visionary point of view of the business world, that creates added-value for the economy. He is also currently working on Strategic Communication Consultancy, Content Development, and Concept Development. 
In addition to all of the above, AKI also conducts trainings and gives speeches. They consist of topics related to Media, Motivation, Innovation, Entrepreunership, and Following up to the Trends. He addresses the subjects such as, "The Design of the Digital Future", "Journey to ‘I’: Personal and Institutional Motivation", "Methods of Standing Still in the Future". Volkan AKI also conveys these information through workshops and research conferences, too.
He follows the developments and innovative approaches of several international brands like Bosch, Siemens, GE, Henkel, and Visa, in person. And he continues to be a member and consultant of several jury and platforms of the "Entrepreneurship" world. Among these, the Entrepreneurial Institutions Platform, and the Intellectual Ideas Enterprise platform are still in progress...