Vahit Altun

Deputy Secretary General, Finance Companies, Association of Financial Institutions

Vahit Altun was born in 1971 and graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics. He received his master's degree in business administration from Southern Polytechnic State University in USA. Over the past 22 years in the financial sector with an experience, his banking career life began in 1996 as an assistant inspector Sümerbank. He attended master's program in Atlanta, USA between 2002-2003, while working as a sales manager in a furniture company at the same time.

He worked as Regional Sales Manager in Man Truck & Bus Trading Company between 2003-2005 and later on, respectively as Sales and Marketing Director between 2005-2011 and General Manager and Vice Chairman between 2011-2016 in the group company Man Financial Services, that of he took part in the establishment.

Altun, who was a member of Finance Companies Association's Board of Directors in 2011-2013, participated in the work of BRSA related to the Law on Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies numbered 6361 in the last quarter of 2012, and also made significant contributions to the establishment of Association of Financial Institutions (AFI). He served as the Founding Member of the Board of Directors and the First Vice Chairman of the Association of Financial Institutions between 2013 and 2016. As of February 2016, Altun has been serving as Deputy Secretary General in charge of Finance Companies and a member of Board of Directors of Eurofinas (European Federation of Finance House Associations). Married, with two children.