Hakan Ertürk

General Director of Financial Sector Relations and Exchange, Ministry of Treasury and Finance

Mr. Erturk has been serving as Director General of Financial Sector Relations and Exchange since 2016. One of the main responsibilities of the General Directorate is to focus on entrepreneurship ecosystem to improve access to finance for SMEs, in addition to financial inclusion, financial stability issues and regulating Exchange Regime.

Mr. Erturk previously served as the Head of Department for Financial Instruments and Market Development at Ministry of Turkish Treasury and Finance. His works were focused primarily on entrepreneurship ecosystem to improve access to finance for SMEs. His department actively worked on venture capital issues to strengthen the financial ecosystem through developing public policies for business angels and business angel networks. Mr. Erturk actively took part not only in the creation of business angels, funds of fund and direct investment venture capitals programs but also in improving the quality and volume of business angel investments. He also engaged in the implementation of the fund of funds system which was established in early 2014 to support the venture capital funds and co-investment funds. Besides, he worked on improving other alternative financing instruments to increase access to finance.

Mr. Erturk graduated from Ankara University, Department of Economics in 2000 and got his MBA (Finance) degree from University of Illinois in the United States. Currently, he is working on a doctorate in Venture Capital at Department of Business Administration in Ankara University.