Aykut Sarıbıyık

Co-Founder and CEO, Verizekalı Inc.

Aykut Sarıbıyık was born in Ankara in 1975. He finished Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi Secondary School and Ankara Science High School. He had his Industrial Engineer Degree from Middle East Technical University in 1997. He started to his career back in 1998 as Treasury Officer at Korfezbank. He studied MBA (specialized in financial institutions) in 2001 at the University Of Birmingham Business School. His whole career might simply be summarized as “banking and capital markets”. He experienced the ‘treasury and revenue management’ at Korfezbank, he mastered the banking analytics during his ‘risk management’ days in Dışbank, he practiced the ‘assets and liabilities management’ at Fortis, he took ‘advisory roles’ for the industry at PwC, he approached to the banking from a capital markets perspective and emphasized ‘the valuation of banks’ while he was with Dexia, Global MD, Morgan Stanley/London, and Finans Yatırım. In 2012, he decided to adapt a more quantitative (and deterministic) approach and less fundamental (and humanly approach), and initiated his first start up which aimed at designing learner architectures to value the publicly traded equities. His efforts got the attention of the industry, and he accepted a leading role in 2013 for the establishment of one renowned hedge fund domiciled in Turkey, Science Wave Capital. He contributed to its success until 2015 and initiated his own fund after in 2016. And, finally, he brought together all of his efforts, resources, and products under his co-founded startup Verizekalı A.Ş. in 2018. Verizekalı, via its buy-side product 4estRobot©, is now helping the first hedge fund of Turkey manage its equity allocation in a human-free, fully autonomous, and self-learning fashion. Aykut is married and the father of 2 girls.